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These flystrips catch everything.

The New Dynamite 911.

Flying Insects find It irresistible and so will you.

Safe and Effective, Discreet and Sanitary, Easy & Economical Even in Food Preparation Areas


DYNAMITE 911 Lighted Fly Trap

Electrical Fly Unit with 2 Black Light Bulbs.

Dust Proof U-Shape Designed Glue Shield Holder.

No unsightly dead flies visible.

Model #911 - Dynamite Lighted Fly Trap Size: 20.5" x 7.6875" x 4.81";

52.0 cm x 19.5 cm x 12.2 cm

 Irresistible Because It's Hidden:

Pests get caught, invisibly, on proven CATCHMASTER UV-resistant glue boards concealed inside the attractive lighting fixture. Guaranteed 4 weeks of life and no oozing glue. TRAPPED FLIES CAN'T BE SEEN.

Irresistible Because It's Effective :

It's an unbeatable combination. Black light, warmth, sex attractant, multibaits, their favorite color fluorescent chartreuse, and the most powerful glue on the market wrapped around the bulb. University tests show equal catch versus the standard non electrical trap in the industry today. Call or write for a copy of the complete test results.

Irresistible Because It's Environmentally Sound:

No exposure to hazardous chemicals, no electronic zap, no airborne contamination, no fumes.

Irresistible Because It's Sanitary:

Meets FDA & USDA standards-even in & about food preparation areas. And there's no need to touch

Replacement Bulbs

Model #901C - 25 Watt B.L. Bulbs, Packed 2 Per Box, 12/2 Packs Per Case

Model #901 D - 25 Watt B L. Bulbs. Bulk Pack. 24 Bulbs Per Case





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