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At Mainely NuPulse we have a complete line of milking equipment. Parlor Stalls, Cow ID, Milk Meters, Takeoffs, Washers, Receivers, Vacuum Pumps, Milking Machines, and Variable Speed Drives!

Parlor Stalls Parallel Stalls Mainely NuPulse offers the CLAY Milking Parlor Stalls. Available in Parallel and Herringbone models, these stalls are beautifully made and rugged. CLAY has over 80 years experience building stalls. They have stood the test of time in many thousands of parlors across the USA and abroad.

The Parallel Stalls feature air operation with manual or automatic cow indexing. Heavy duty traffic gates are available to control cow movement into stalls from the holding area. Stainless steel butt-plate and gutter catch cow waste and stainless steel curbing provide protection. Work areas are free from obstructions for maximum operator comfort and efficiency.

Herringbone Stalls Herringbone Stalls are available in 38" and 42" widths and can be equipped with or without feed. Adjustable Brisket Rails are also available for cow indexing. Manually operated entrance and exit gates are standard and air operation is optional. Rear stall sections can be suspended by posts from floor to ceiling or by overhead suspension fixtures.
Swing Parlor Stalls Also available are Swing Parlor Stalls. Patterned after the traditional New Zealand style, these stalls are the ultimate in simplicity and low cost.

Cow ID
Cow ID Transducers The value of your milk recording data is only as good as the accuracy of the information.  A key factor for every milk recording system is the ability to register milk production to the correct cow.

Overhead Antennas The Chek 3000 allows cow I.D.'s to be manually entered through the numeric keypad.  The ProChek system uses the latest microchip technology in transponders to identify cows.

In order to ensure that cows are correctly identified to the meter through which they are milked, the ProChek system uses an antenna at each stall in the parlor to read each cow's transponder.  A variety of antenna designs are available to fit different stall configurations.

Each antenna is connected to the corresponding meter and the Meter Chek Program ties the entire system to the computer.  This powerful Windows 95 based program communicates with the meters and I.D. system to receive and send data.  It downloads data on command or at preset times to the herd management program of your choice.  It also provides parlor performance and system wash performance evaluation data.

We also have the

Cow Chek Hand Held Scanner

The COW CHEK hand-held scanner is the newest addition to the NuPulse electronic cow identification equipment.  It is about the size of a pocket cell phone and is powered by a 9 volt battery.

Hand-Held Scanner With the COW CHEK you can scan transponders of cows out in the feeding area or lots.  When a transponder signal is picked up by COW CHEK, it beeps and displays the transponder number on the digital readout.

COW CHEK provides a quick and easy way to verify that cows are properly identified with ear-tag transponders.

Milk Meters and Milk Meter Options

Milk Meter NuPulse has developed new technology which eliminates all moving parts, and there is no restriction of milk and air flow.  The principle of operation is simple - Milk enters the top of the sensor through a 3/4" I.D. inlet and flows down to the bottom where it passes through a weir.  Stainless steel pins are mounted vertically just inside the weir.  Milk must contact some of the pins as it flows through the weir and out the 3/4" I.D. outlet.  Each pin level is a known volume of milk, so the computer program on each meter circuit board keeps track of the amount of time each pin is contacted by milk and calculates the appropriate amount for transmission to the display.

A temperature sensor is inside the bottom probe for recording each cow's temperature and wash solution temps.
The flow through design of the sensor allows it to handle much higher flow rates than the fill and dump types, and milking performance is enhanced. Cleaning is also a breeze. The sensor is equivalent to 1 1/2 cups. As a result does not require greatly increased volumes of wash water detergents. Washing is done well with normal C.I.P. methods and equipment which eliminates the need for expensive wash valves and controls.


ProChek For milking parlors, the Chek2000, Chek3000, and ProChek units are available in hand some stainless steel cabinets with automatic takeoffs. The Chek3000 ProChek units are also available in stand alone milk meter models and can be interfaced with a computer.

The Chek3000 has a 10-key numeric keypad for manually entering cow ID's. The ProChek can support integration of electronic cow ID's.

Mounted on each stall, the milk weight, cow ID, takeoff mode, etc., are visible to the operator. Takeoff and meter controls are handled through the keypad.

ProChek The most popular option for large dairies is the Remote ProChek system. This allows all the electronics except milk sensors and antennas to be mounted outside the parlor in a safe environment. With the system connected to a computer, data for cows is stored and downloaded to the herd management program for analysis. This allows the milk metering and cow ID system to be virtually invisible to the milking personnel, and out of harm's way.

Milking Machines

Milk Claw Vacuum operated pulsator built in the claw adjusts automatically in rate and ratio to the milking speed of each cow. Liner slips and unit fall-off are virtually eliminated. Extremely cost effective.
Standard and MLX Pulsated Claws with 3/4" outlet.

Automatic Takeoffs

More Bang for the Buck!is truly a good description of the Isolator 3 Automatic Takeoff. With features only found on much more expensive units, the Isolator 3 has become a best seller. Automatic Takeoffs
Features include:
  • Kick-Off Warning Light flashes to signal operator that the milker has been kicked off.
  • Operation Lights signal operator of the mode it's in
  • Adjustable End of Milk Delay
  • Kick off Vacuum Shutoff
  • Adjustable time for vacuum to dissipate from claw prior to removal
  • Vacuum-off Delay
  • Wash Stand-by mode
  • Auto Start
  • Milk Threshold - adjustable flow rate

Portable Milkers

Portable Milker
Used extensively for milking show cows, down cows, treated cows, and fresh cows, the 3/4 H.P. 110/220 V Motor with oil-less pump provides enough capacity for 1 or 2 bucket milker units.  The Standard NuPulse Pulsated Claw provides outstanding pulsation and milking performance without complicated electrical components and gadgets.

3/4 H.P. Mini Milker System
Includes 3/4 H.P. Mini Pump Assembly with 1 or 2 Bucket Milker Units Complete.
Also available with Goat and Sheep Milkers.
An optional Wheel Cart is available.

Bucket Milker Unit
Includes 60 Pound Capacity Stainless Steel Pail, Stainless Steel Lid, Vacuum Check Valve, Standard NuPulse Pulsated Claw complete with Unit Kit, Cleaning Brush and Vacuum Hose.

3/4 H.P. Mini Pump Assembly
Includes oil-less Vacuum Pump with 3/4 H.P. Motor integrated with Stainless Steel Vacuum Tank and Carrying Handle.  Adjustable Vacuum Controller, Exhaust Muffler and Vacuum Gauge are also included.  Very low noise level and no oil fumes are two very much liked features.
Can operate 1 or 2 bucket milkers.
An optional Wheel Cart is available.

REFLEX Variable Speed Drive

REFLEX Drive Does it make sense to drive your motor vehicle with the gas peddle continually all the way to the floor then put on the brakes to slow down to the desired speed?
For many years, we have used cruise control technology to automatically control a vehicle's speed; but until recently, we have not applied similar technology to running the vacuum pump.
Traditionally, we have run the vacuum pump full speed and then let air enter the system through a vacuum controller in order to achieve the desired vacuum level.  This wastes a tremendous amount of energy as well as causing maximum wear and tear on the equipment.
The REFLEX Variable Speed Drive system controls vacuum level in the system by controlling the speed of the vacuum pump.  The result is a very stable system vacuum with an average of 70% less electricity usage.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps If you prefer traditional vacuum pumps, we have those too.
The heart of every milking system is the vacuum pump.  Without vacuum, milking machinery is useless.  That's why it's so important for the vacuum pump to be efficient and reliable.  Nu Pulse's vacuum pumps are just that - available in oil-less lobe type units and traditional vane type units.  Models are available to operate any size dairy.  Vacuum pump groups can be a Compact model or a Horizontal.  Pumps and accessories are also available individually.

Milk Receivers

Milk Receiver The milk receiver is an essential part of every pipeline milking system. It is important that the design and sizing accomplishes smooth flow of milk and air in order to stabilize system vacuum and enhance milking machine performance. Mainely NuPulse has receivers big and small for all sizes and types of milking systems.

Impulse Variable Speed Milk Pump and  Control System

Includes S.S. High Capacity 4 Blade Milk Pump, 1-1/2 H.P. 3 Phase Motor, Variable Speed Control, 1-1/2" Flapper Valve and Seat, 1-1/2" S.S Drain Elbow, Vacuum Operated Drain Valve, 1-1/2" V-Insert Clamps and Hycar Gaskets.

CentriFlo Milk Pump and Control System
Includes S.S. High Capacity 4 Blade Milk Pump, 1-1/2 H.P. 1 Phase Motor, Liquid Level Control, 1-1/2" Flapper Valve and Seat, 1-1/2" S.S. Drain Elbow, Vacuum Operated Drain Valve, 1-1/2" V-Insert Clamps and Hycar Gaskets.


Washing Systems No water hoses or connections inside the box.  Adjustable cam timer allows cycles and component activation to be easily adjusted to provide the best washing characteristics for your system.  There are no electronic components which are subject to program changes due to erratic electrical supply; and you do not have to replace an entire timer if one component switch does not work.
There are 9 different models available to meet the needs of all sizes and types of milking systems.  Some models incorporate a 24 hour timer which can be set to automatically run the system through a sanitizing cycle allowing you to do other things while the system is preparing for milking.

Some models have chemical jars for dispensing cleaners and some models draw chemicals directly from their containers.

A model is also available for washing bulk tanks.  It has chemical jars for dispensing, powerful portable pumping unit, and a spray stick.  Tanks over 4,000 gallons are washed with two spray sticks.





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